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Yochanan (Jhn) 15 - Includes FREE printable for your personal use

Have you realised how much creation can speak to you about life? Adonai is smart, to extend His nature into creation (Iyov (Job)12:7-10). Just look at how glorious the sunset is without filter - if I may add, and how mesmerising and powerful the depths of the ocean can be. It all screams THERE IS A GOD! The intricate details are thought off and serve a purpose, just like the intricate details of human beings.

With that in mind, let me briefly introduce myself...

I've always wanted a farm from a young age, but I didn't connect it with God or my faith. I just love good food and wanted my very own organic produce to enjoy its nutritional benefits without it being tampered with or even diluted. Living in London and in a flat meant that my dreams were placed on hold. Until last year, 2019, when I received that light bulb moment that changed my life. Use what you've got - that was the message dropped into my heart. So I looked around and saw that I've been blessed with a balcony, and quite a decent size too. It was used as extra storage and to hang our laundry, but I realised I could transform this space into my mini garden and start practising for when I eventually do have my farm.

I started with cherry tomatoes and peppers, and the revelations I received was inspiring. I never knew how much gardening could be rewarding; it is literally food for the spirit and soul. The peppers didn't do too well last year, which broke my heart as I became attached to them. So, my focus was on the cherry tomatoes. I was doing all that I can to see it thrive, and voila my efforts were not wasted - that's it pictured above.

Fast forward to this year; I am now growing tomatoes, scotch bonnets, bell peppers, onions, garlic, basil - oh and I forgot to mention, I also have aloe vera. Hard times call for creative measures and seeing the inflation on crops due to COVID-19 meant I had to step up.

Each time I was sowing, planting, feeding, pruning, shielding all in preparation for a harvest, I was reminded that this is what my Father does for me. It gives me assurance to know that Adonai is my Gardner. I am His responsibility and it's not by my own doing that I produce good fruits. We can't always see the full picture but we know that Adonai is working behind the scenes because He has a purpose. He is always working to bring a harvest, so abide in Him to receive your TLC for you to grow spiritually.

24 Declarations to Understand Your True Identity

Inspired by Yochanan (Jhn) 15

I am pruned by my loving Father to bear fruits in abundance. My Father works in me, and I am pruned by His Word. I am united with Yeshua, and He helps me to produce good fruits in abundance. I live for Yeshua, and He gives me life; He is my Source. My heart, soul and spirit dwell in Him. I am living in the will of God, and His Word forms my identity.

Abide in Me Declarations by Zenys Inspir
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My Father withholds no good thing from me. I am blessed because He continually blesses me, and I receive what I ask. My life glorifies Adonai, and my fruits distinguishes me from the world. Godly fruits cannot be mediocre, so my life cannot be mediocre. I am in my Father's love. I am loved. I am filled with an overflowing love. I am full. I walk in Love and reverence Adonai's commandments. My joy is complete. My God is my role model; I do what my Father does. My life is for service, and that service is surrendered to Adonai. I have a friend in Yeshua - He died and rose for me. I am chosen. My fruits leave a legacy and my legacy is to glorify Adonai. I will not internalise people's disapproval, hate and rejection towards me. My Father's love strengthens me to overlook and persevere. I have been picked out for God's glory, and the world cannot handle it. People-pleasing is not on my agenda. There is no need to be confrontational, the Spirit of Truth testifies on my behalf. Adonai has been with me from my beginning and from this day onward I will be with Him.

Amen. Selah.

For your personal use, click here to download. Poster only includes 4 declarations. You are welcome to copy and paste these declarations to create your designs. Share, meditate and pin.

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We’re big believers that living your best life begins with your thoughts, so we encourage you to place this printable in a visible place or saved on your devices so that you can be reminded and affirm these truths over your life. The goal is to anchor your beliefs in the Word of God and not substitute it with life experiences or secular influences.

For best results print on good quality cardstock or photo paper, email us at info@zenysinspirations.com if you are experiencing any issues with downloading.

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