Reinforcing Good Habits

Faithfulness in small things makes a big difference

Why settle when you have your goal in sight? This is a question that gets me to assess how badly do I want it; do I really want what's best for me? [Selah - pause and reflect].

Here's a tip: As you read through this post, pay attention to what your feelings are telling you and make note of it. If you feel defensive, hurt, hopeless, encouraged or inspired, write it down and ask yourself why you feel that way. Writing is therapy, so it will help you unlock your deepest thoughts and direct you in your transformation. You can even use this as a prayer point to replace how you see yourself with what God says about you.

Truth is, your life is a reflection of your habits, and your beliefs steer your habits. But it's not as easy as it sounds; we complicate the situation when we struggle to make the required change. That's when complacency steps in, just like bad habits, it finds its way to deter you from your goals, and now your excuses become bigger than your dreams. I'm sure many of us can relate or at least know someone who has gone/going through it.

Your life is a reflection of your habits, and your beliefs steer your habits.

Unfortunately, we can't tap our shoes and arrive at where we want to be or snap our fingers to see results. It takes work; it takes effort; it takes time; it takes you being intentional, and when we ascribe a negative perception towards these attributes, we shun away from seeing the desired results in our lives - changing our self-talk matters.

So let's see how we can disrupt our self-imposed barriers and focus on transforming into our best selves. Let me add, there are no five steps to reinforcing good habits, but I've come to realise these five principles serve as a roadmap to making good habits.

  1. Keep the vision at the forefront and set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-framed (SMART) goals. Whilst doing so, avoid overloading yourself, you may end up with a resolution list that never gets ticked off.

  2. Focus on being rather than comparing. When you focus on being, your thoughts and actions merge into alignment, whereas the latter robs your true value. You're not created to be a copy of someone else.

  3. Flee from temptation, it doesn't say play around or dip your toes in for a reason. There are so many cues that will pull your focus away and push you towards instant gratification and shortcuts, but in the long run, you are not doing yourself any favours. Let me reiterate that - take control of your environment before your environment controls you.

  4. Don't let your emotions make your decisions. You would probably quit before you started because emotions have triggers and habits serve a purpose - the two don't go hand in hand, so we must embrace the discomfort.

  5. Have an accountability partner who can remind you, encourage you, and support you.

Don't forget to celebrate your achievements!

Be encouraged and be blessed.

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