Safeguarding Your Peace

In the midst of hardship, how do you find and hold onto your peace? Take a moment to reflect on this question.

You can find yourself unsettled and discouraged in life as situations do not always unfold the way we would hope. Whether it may be a strain in your relationship, facing uncertainties with your job, career or purpose, health battles, pressure from loved ones or even from yourself to meet the needs of others or financial difficulties - the list can be endless but know that your peace should never be compromised.

Your peace should never be compromised, it is a valuable asset which costs nothing but sacrifice.

When it seems your world is falling apart anchor yourself in these absolute truths - The 5 Ways to Guard Your Peace to encourage your soul.

5 Ways to Guard Your Peace

1. Switch Your Thought Life

Where is your focus drifting to? You are what you eat, so replace every negative and distracting thought which serves no value other than to steal your joy, abort your purpose and destroy your faith - in short, deterring you from living an abundant life.

Some practical ways to renew your thinking and create healthy boundaries:

  • Guard yourself against toxic environments or people - attachment brings emotional ties which can disrupt your life.

  • Limit or take a break from social media / control your news feed - whilst reclaiming your time, you can focus on areas of your life that need attention and drown the voice of comparison.

  • Prayer and meditation - refreshes your perspective no matter your background or beliefs, this practice is transformational as it disciplines the mind with truths. Be on the lookout for Psuché: Life, Hope & Truth, your promise box to nourish your spirit and soul.

  • Read uplifting, purpose-filled books - feeds your mind with information and information brings revelation which convicts you to make changes. Grab your copy of Psuché: The Story of her Spirit & Soul and begin your discovery to true inner peace.

2. Be Mindful of What You Harbour in Your Heart

You are the gatekeeper of your heart and what you store in your chamber will manifest in your attitude and your behaviour. Holding onto pain does not liberate you; meditating on past failures not only saps your energy but when you solely focus on your setbacks and not the lessons, you invite fear and anxiety into your life.

3. Walk in Forgiveness

You embark on a journey of healing when you choose to forgive - yes its a choice, and one of the most difficult choices we have to make. The nature of forgiveness is mercy wrapped in love, so you have to love yourself enough to protect your sanity. Lets put it this way, walking in forgiveness sets you free as you no longer allow the past to bound you - it no longer consumes your mind and distorts your emotions. So today, choose to forgive those that have wronged you and yourself.

4. Build Your Faith Muscles

Building your faith stirs up hope, it dictates your situation rather than having your emotions or circumstances overrule your decision. What's more important is what or who you put your faith in, we often fear what we don't understand or cannot control and doubt what we cannot see, so it is vital that your faith is rooted in whatever is true and noble. Faith allows you to take the next step when you don't see the entire staircase, without faith you cannot speak things into existence - envisaging what you hope for is by faith, it gives you a goal to work towards.

5. Know Who You Are and Own It

Am I enough?... Our insecurities are often rooted in past experiences and we often find it hard to separate the two: our experience and our identity, but we are not defined by past experiences only propelled by them. How you see yourself will determine what you tolerate in your life but also how people respond to you. You must love yourself enough to want the best life for yourself and that comes from being transparent - knowing what you like, what you don't like, your strengths and accepting that you cannot do everything, embracing your personality and not shying away from self-development. Lack of boundaries will rob your peace so choose not to settle, not everything will be for you and that's OK.

Remember to take care of your emotional health, simply because you matter.

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