Rewriting The Discourse Surrounding The Intimate Mind With Timeless Art

As we move towards an increasingly self-conscious era, the need to recognise self-worth becomes paramount to our well-being. With the power of perception in mind, Zenys Inspirations is delighted to present a daring gallery of artworks to elevate the spirit and soul, showcased in canvases and digital prints, accompanied by inspirational words bound in paperback and photo frames.

The point is not to disguise your brokenness. To love yourself, you must first get to know yourself, this starts with becoming vulnerable...

With messages like ‘You Are More Than Enough’ and ‘out of the aSHEs will RISE’, these pieces are not your ordinary works of art, as each design narrates a powerful story which resonates our innermost desire of acceptance.

"The point is not to disguise your brokenness. To love yourself, you must first get to know yourself, this starts with becoming vulnerable… because you were born to influence and have dominion, but we have robbed the world with our unauthenticated self." says Glenys Blankson-Quaicoe, Founder and CEO of Zenys Inspirations.

A work of deep reflection is translated unto the canvas wall art as South African artist Jason Hess, also known as 91son_art, collaborates with Zenys Inspirations to capture the unique flavour and beauty of black women to change existing societal attitudes that demean their identity.

Each canvas has a wooden wrap resistant frame, handcrafted by skilled artisans, and the museum-quality print easily adds character and compliments any decor. With the option to customise orders or to select the digital prints displayed as high-resolution downloadable images, Zenys Inspirations makes their products affordable to bring inspiration to everyone.

While many heartfelt messages can be found on the company’s artwork, there is room for more encouragement inside Glenys’ bestselling book ‘Psuché: Story of Her Spirit & Soul.’

Glenys speaks wholeheartedly through prose and poetry to invite readers to hold her heart in their hands as she deals with rejection, anxiety and the struggles with her faith. Reviews have called this "transformational", "thought-provoking", and "highly recommended for your personal empowerment journey".

Not only does each product feed the spirit and soul, but it also serves as a source of empowerment for black women, in particular, to unapologetically accept themselves. “Our goal is to have a conversation with your spirit and soul to uplift and fill you with encouragement because your thoughts are the keys to change,” says Glenys.

Zenys Inspirations strives to showcase excellence, not only in the UK but across the world with international shipping as we all share the same desire - to live a life full of purpose and peace no matter where we are.

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