Zenys Inspirations Announces New Partnership with Jamii

Zenys Inspirations has today announced a shared commitment and partnership with Jamii that will empower the black community and change the narrative as a whole. Jamii, a Swahili word meaning ‘community’, is a discount card and discovery platform offering subscribers the best from independent Black British businesses.

The emerging platform allows consumers to save and support from fashion houses, pioneering beauty and wellness brands, business services, awe-inspiring artists alongside haircare favourites and many more.

This collaboration is deep rooted and promotes the core value to empower individuals, brands and communities to thrive. By supporting black owned businesses, consumers are consciously disengaging from corporate ignorance - when it comes to authenticity and misrepresenting our identity and culture, and are awakening to the rich and diverse talents that black entrepreneurs offer.

Commenting on this exciting news, Glenys Blankson-Quaicoe, founder and CEO shares that "Creating partnerships is one of our 2020 goals and we are glad that we could start this year with Jamii. We are excited to be part of a wider community cross-promoting each other's brands and circulating wealth between us... growth and transformation is the goal."

So, what's in it for you?

Benefits of the new collaboration will launch 1st February 2020 and will reward Jamii cardholders with 40% off digital artwork and 10% off the entire Zenys Inspirations collection. The discount card also offers additional loyalty benefits and experiences, so you really don't want to miss out.

Purchase your Jamii card here, and use code ZENYSINSPIRATIONS to receive your one month free membership. Offer ends 29th February 2020. #shopsavesupport #smallbusinessuk #blackownedbusiness

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