Zenys Inspirations Response Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

A message from Glenys, our Founder and CEO

In these uncertain times, we cannot thank you enough for your patience, understanding and loyalty. Your support helps us to thrive, and troubling times like this our community is strengthened as we see the best of humanity.

The corona virus pandemic has shown the vulnerability of our society and we realise shopping for essentials will be on your top agenda as is mine. No one is indifferent to the effects of this outbreak and neither are we at Zenys Inspirations; so in co-operation with the government's guidance and the well-being of our customers and communities, we today announce temporary closure of our online store until further notice.

We believe this is the time for us to pause and not only look at how we can make our brand more purposeful but to also refresh our spirit and soul. We will continue to uplift and encourage one another through our social media platforms, and I invite you to stay connected via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Our prayers are with those around the world affected by this pandemic, we hope you and your families stay well during this time. Let us be mindful that our choices have the potential to create an impact in each other's lives.

For information and advice on COVID-19, please refer to the updates by the UK Government, World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Be strong, hopeful & encouraged.

Glenys Blankson-Quaicoe

Founder & CEO

#wellbeing #health #smallbusiness

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